Direct debit Repayment

When will the ability to repay by direct debit be brought in? I’ve seen mention that it is coming, seems such a basic feature not to have from the start. With this it could be a great card, without it i won’t be using it again as easy to forget a payment by mistake.


Yeh I think I’m going to stop using it as there’s too much risk or accidentally not paying it

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Or as just happened to me, i paid it twice as forgot I had set a standing order - of course for the wrong amount…

The payment window is quite short as well - only 7 days which is less than most other cards I have or have had.


Any news on this, back in July you said it was around 3 months away we are nearly there on that timeline?

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There’s another thread on here ‘product update’ they said direct debits are being tested internally, so shouldn’t be much longer.

Thanks @Davessanchez, you are correct.
@acdeag We are currently testing Direct Debits internally and will aim to start testing in beta soon (I’ll try to offer beta to anyone who has mentioned it before and would be happy to help us test it.). :construction_worker_man:

Yes we do have a relatively small window for payment but we are aware of this and since our customers and their financial wellbeing is our priority. :blue_heart:
@Grumpyjack & @simonhunter87
I promise that we will contact you multiple times before any missed payment fee is applied, or report is sent to a credit bureau, and give you all the support we can if you struggle with a payment.

If you are scared about having missed a payment, even if just a day late, please contact us asap in app or via email and we will sort things out for you. :hugs:


I am happy to test it, I am always worried about missing the payment as well.

Unfortunately your personal promise doesn’t overrule the contractual terms between me and tymit ltd

You need to sort DD fast or I imagine a lot of people won’t want to use the product. It looks like you’re nearly there so fingers crossed

It’s worth pointing out that the Credit Terms need updating as since the new instant payment method implementation they’re now invalid… They state:

All repayments made under this Agreement will be made in sterling and by Bank Transfer into our bank account (account number: 63431908, sort code: 20-31-52). You must use as a reference your 4- digit reference code that will appear on the “pay” section of the Tymit app. Every month, you will have to send a payment into our account to cover the Total Monthly Payment.

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Thanks for the heads up @MuppetDave! :male_detective:
That account is still valid and open and we accept payments into it for the time being, however for instant payment application we use this new account and the Credit Terms will be updated in line with that (a few more changes incoming :wink:)

I find it hard to work out in the app what I’m owing and when it should be paid. Having a direct debit (D/D) should help but a clearer statement system would also help.
Please add me to the D/D beta when you start it.
Meanwhile I think I’ve over paid and it would help to get email from you reminding how much and when money is due :grin:


It’s the big number at the top and directly underneath tells you when it’s due by… Are you using an up to date App?