Direct Debit Timing

Hi there,

Direct Debits are due to go out today and the money has been correctly retrieved from my bank.

However, it has yet to reflect in the Tymit app. Any others experiencing this and I guess it will update soon?


Hi, it should show up later today. I noticed last month it took a while to update my available credit but was all showing by the end of the day.

Thanks Billy - as you said it would, it has now ticked over. Glad it did so as I didn’t want to worry about it not going through!

Cheers :slight_smile:


No worries, glad it’s all gone through.



I shall have to remember this next month when my 1st direct debit is done!!

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Yes that’s ideal you got it set up now. I wasn’t sure about direct debit to begin with but it’s much easier and one less thing to remember.

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Yeah and with Monzo pay from pots I can put the money aside for when it comes out