Direct Debits are coming!

So excited that Direct Debits are now in the testing stage with GoCardless. This is going to really simplify things and help Tymit users with paying their bills easily.

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Had confirmation my DD has been setup :slight_smile:

This is good to hear and a good step forward!

:100:- Was so quick and simple so let’s see how the testing goes :slight_smile:

Does Tymit have dark mode @jase

Not yet @Jamesj015 but I’d take greater functionality over a dark mode any day. The design is lovely, but a dark mode would make it look even better.

This and Apple Pay is a must! :grin:

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Who cares about Apple pay!

It’s got to be all about Garmin Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay.

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A lot of people do!

Sounds like you’re yet to appreciate the concept of Apple Pay and such like!

Literally the only card I’m forced to carry with me nowadays is Tymit. Pain in the butt. Plus the security aspects, way more likely to be subjected to fraud, which is virtually impossible with Apple Pay.

Sod Direct Debits, bring on Apple Pay!


Earlier today I signed up to Direct Debit, the sign-up was so quick and simple. :grin:

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Yeah, my confirmation with the bank that it was complete through the BACs scheme came through today too, so it’s just a couple of working days.

I’m super stoked to see this come out of the bank next month.

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Yes, it takes a few days for the confirmation to come through with the bank it was completed through.

I’m excited to see Direct Debit in action too!

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Is this in Android yet? I do not seem to have the option to turn it on.

It’s not yet an app feature. You should have received an email offering you to setup the DD. It came via GoCardless but is branded for Tymit.

If this didn’t arrive, it may be as they are in beta and soft-launching it. Worth asking to be added to the list @StuMac :slight_smile:


Hi @StuMac , like @jase said, we’re testing it at the moment.
But we’re close to launching to all users.
I should have a more specific update for you soon.


I am genuinely excited @Oisin @Pipo !!

PS: Really clean and simple email :wink:


The process is very clean and simple!


I see pending direct debit collection to come out on Monday.

This looks all good and correct timing wise.

Unlike amex which claim to collect on one day, show it as paid off in the amex app, and then actually complete direct debit collection 4 days later or so.

I think they process it in the app on submission day. Rather than the value date.


I share your excitement :slight_smile:

The Amex thing; that’s actually due to how direct debits work within the BACs scheme.

The banks are notified on day 1 of payments and day 3 of unpaid items, so Amex are just avoiding posting to the account until it’s confirmed it’s not unpaid.

For me amex posts it on day -2! Not 1 or 3.