Does Tymit use a US BIN?

I tried to use my Tymit card to back a project on Kickstarter yesterday and was unable to as their system prevented me from adding a UK post code to the register my card with. This isn’t the first time this has happened on that site and it got me thinking…

I could add my Monzo card and my UK-issued Amex without problems, so I assumed that for some reason Kickstarter thought the card was registered in another country as it would accept numeric postal codes, but not UK ones. I threw the BIN of my card into an online checker and indeed, it states that the card is issued by a US entity.

This could be a fringe case - maybe even a one-off - caused by over-zealous fraud policies at Kickstarter, but it was momentarily pretty annoying and meant I couldn’t pay with my Tymit card.

Hi @sfmorris

This was explained in a previous post I think around using Tymit as an underlying card on Curve, but I’ll delve into it now;

The BIN is not a “US BIN” and is sponsored and issued upon in the UK.

There are some BIN validation services that are used by websites which do not put enough effort into properly storing data and therefore they just assume as Visa is US and a major market, to default new BINs to that region.

Companies who pay for proper BIN validation or checking are likely to display this correctly.

I would recommend contacting the website (although they will likely pass you onto their payment provider, or not). There’s nothing Tymit can do.

If you are able to enter a UK postcode in this situation again, you can be confident that the card will accept GBP for payment and if it was charged in USD, there are no FX fees added on top by Tymit anyway.

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Hi @sfmorris I read about issues months ago when Tymit changed payment provider and this was the response.

That serves me right for a light-touch forum search for “BIN”!

Thanks, @jase and @Billy. I’ll bring it up with Kickstarter and see how far I get. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s worth taking it up with Kickstarter. I did the same with SagePay when cards were switched from Wirecard to Transact. The BIN system at SagePay was saying it wasn’t a UK card and rejected it. Spoke to Tymit & SagePay. Took around 3 weeks to get it resolved with numerous emails.

There might be a department for this at Kickstarter. Ask the Customer Service if they have an acceptance department that can recity it. I think also Tymit can do it for you as they did with Curve?

I’ve just had this issue as well with Kickstarter: it took a while to figure out how to contact them regarding this, but hopefully I’ll hear back soon. I had to use Curve to back the project to use my Tymit card.

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At least you managed to get it paid on Tymit one way or another :tada:

Hopefully Kickstarter will update their system soon.

Companies should try to be more strict in ensuring they have their own BIN given the issues Dozens had with TfL blocking their cards for travel in London, but companies should also be strict in using proper source data for BIN sponsorship otherwise it all gets messy.

Any idea what gave these companies the impression it was a US BIN in the first place? I know the issue arose when Tymit moved from Wirecard but not really understanding why it got classed as US BIN in the first place.

Companies will default to a US BIN when they just aren’t sure of who it has been issued to. Or they will default to the company sponsoring the BIN at best.

They then sell their data to payment processors or websites with their own integration of a processors and choosing to validate cards themselves (it’s more efficient to validate a card at source than to pass via an API to your payment processor only to have it returned, especially if your payment processor would accept the card even if you didn’t wish to).

Using better (read: mostly ‘paid for’) solutions mitigates against this really with proper data that’s been validated and verified.

The sites are using the data to validate cards or assess what type of card it is or what currency it is billed in.

Kickstarter probably just didn’t know, didn’t bother enquiring via their card processing company or just used an outdated inaccurate website BIN lookup which are notoriously inaccurate… Determining the card processing merchant system employed by them would be a start then contacting them.