Feature request: don’t send me an email if I update a tickets in the in app chat

Also, the support system just seems like a front end for zendesk and it appears to be broken

I realise you can see my ticket number but that shouldn’t be an issue should it?

I don’t think you are permitted to use Tymit to purchase shares so that’s probably why it’s failing to go through.

Trading 212 also have a CFD account and that is definitely against section 4.14 of the card terms and conditions.


I think that’s default behaviour of most ticketing systems. I think it’s a good thing in case the update is it being closed or responded too.

I don’t think ZenDesk distinguishes between an update by the business vs the user though.

Also as mentioned above, you are not permitted to use your Tymit card to purchase ‘near money’, e.g. crypto or stocks.


I was thinking this as well

If that was in the T&C’s, I may have missed that - but that also makes sense :smiley: