Feedback from new card

I have received my card and have the following feedback. I’m using iOS.

  • I changed my PIN at an ATM but the app still has the old PIN number

  • There remains an item in my feed about activating the card even though I’ve been through that flow (more than once now)

  • When I use the card there isn’t an instant notification to my mobile - one of the main reasons I wanted a card like this

  • There isn’t an ability in app to update any details like email address or mobile phone number

  • I made a Faster Payment from my bank to my card and the money didn’t and hasn’t immediately arrived

That’s if for now. I hope you can fix the instant notifications?

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Hi I’m on iOS, I wasn’t even able to change my PIN number at ATM, got a message saying not supported, I’ve had instant notifications work when buying online but have noticed do not always work when I’ve purchased in store, still early I’m sure much will be improved over time.

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Hi Tom
Do you know if emailing is the best way to raise these feedback/bugs?


Hi @Jamesj015 the best way to get in touch with the team is to email


Blimey these are quite fundamental bugs - I get the feeling I may have just signed up to an alpha test! Given the length of time I was on the wait list I’d actually forgotten about this card so assumed the beta was over - was this wrong and you’re not in full production yet?

I’ve asked for my account to be closed. So many things are in alpha right now.

It does feel a bit like that, I’ve emailed support over in app issue and no reply for days, which is a shame.

I’ve also got one of those card test authorisations when I registered for Tesco Pay + and it doesn’t seem to recognise that it’s an authorisation check but other banks and cards do.

Tesco Pay + wouldn’t work even though I passed a 3D check with Tymit.

Made one £60 payment ok at Petsathome but when made faster payment to test it tells me to wait up to two days - incredibly slow and not good - also you have to press a button to tell Tymit you’ve made a payment- assuming it gets there of course. Until this is fixed I think I’ll not use as it seems very cumbersome

The whole purpose of telling Tymit you’ve made the purchase isn’t necessarily to say you’ve made it - they know that already - but more to give you the option of selecting how long you want to pay the purchase over.

It was the confirmation of payment, not purchase that was being referred to.

My card arrived a couple of days ago so I thought I’d test it out in Sainsbury’s this morning. Unfortunately the card reader kept saying that it couldn’t find the chip - “have you inserted it correctly?”. It then asked me to swipe the card instead. I did this and it immediately declined the card.

Not a good start for card purchases…

I’d suggest trying the card in another reader and confirming if the issue is with the card chip or reader.

Not surprised swipe didn’t work, if the card has a chip though.

Yes, I wondered if it was just a bad reader. I’ll try it in Tesco tomorrow.

Just received my card.

No instructions with it at all, just the card. Managed to activate it, can’t be that difficuly.

Asked to use CHIP & PIN for the first transaction. Which would be great, but I haven’t set a PIN. “Don’t worry, you can do that in the app”. Er, no, not in IoS, anyway. There’s only a “reset the passcode” option.

“Get in contact with the company via Chat”

Er, tried that “No agents available” - obviously I am being completely unreasonable in expecting them to be ready in the middle of the day"

“Look in the FAQs on the website”

Er, it’s not mentioned. At all.

“Oh, I will try the app on my Android phone”

Doesn’t allow you to sign in with more than one phone

Still, it looks pretty, and also probably tough enough to scrape ice off the windscreen for a couple of months.

@riceuten The PIN can be seen under card controls (2nd icon on menu at bottom) and view, on iOS.

If you change it at an ATM, it doesn’t update in the app though.

No - it’s definitely broken. Won’t work in ATMs or in any card readers. It says “no chip detected”. I’ve asked for a replacement.

At least you’ve got to the bottom of what’s wron though!
Fingers crossed your replacement is with you really soon though :slight_smile:

Just got mine, used it a couple of times in Sainsbury’s. Works a treat. no issues at all. Pin was easy to change at cash point.
Cant ‘chat’ with them at all, so emailed them about changing payment / statement date. No issues, they responded in a couple of hours or so. Might change my view if it was something urgent mind you. BTW You cant change the payment/statement date

Received my replacement card today and it’s exactly the same - ATMs spit it out after a few clicks and it doesn’t work in card readers.
Fed up with this and about to throw in the towel with Tymit. I’ve three tickets open with them and none have been resolved yet and I’ve only had the account two weeks!
There’s clearly something wrong with my account.