Finally signed up to the community

Hi everyone!

Great to part of the community. I’ve been following Tymit for some time and been lurking in the background reading some of the posts here for a while, just never signed up! Finally took the plunge and created an account.

I’m not a Tymit user, although I have tried to be but wasn’t successful with the application. I like the concept of Tymit and what it offers, so will hopefully remain active here to see how it develops and apply again in the future.

Looking forward to joining in the conversation!


Hi @Mathew and welcome to the community.

It may not be your intention but with your very first post being a link elsewhere it does seem a bit spammy.

Apologies if that is not the case and feel free to comment but if I’m being honest my first impression is one of spam.

The link provided looks like quite a new forum with very few posts and I feel you have posted to promote the other site rather than a genuine interest in Tymit.

I hope I am wrong so please feel free to correct me if this is the case.

Oops! Not my intention at all, so apologies for that. You’re right in that it’s a new forum (which I thought may be of interest to others here), but genuinely have been following Tymit for some time.

I did apply once but they didn’t want me :worried:

Just to add that this new forum has sprung up from the closure of Fintech Talk a forum which was going for a good few years.

It’s a place which has a lot of old Starling Forum members (before Starling closed their forum) and Monzo users as well.

Tymit is tagged and is just another place for discussion so would not say it is overly spammy

As I said above I may be wrong and apologies if that is the case. If it had come from anyone else on the forum then no I wouldn’t see it as spam given the new forums content and agree it may be of interest to some.

However for a very first post from a new account posting a referral link to elsewhere gave me the impression of spam.

Again I fully apologise if this is not the case it’s just the way that I see it and just letting my feelings be known.

No offense intended it’s just my opinion.

Changed it so it doesn’t seem like spam. Hopefully that fits the community guidelines

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Hi @Mathew you didn’t break the guidelines so don’t worry. What was the link out of interest?

Hi @Mathew thank you for editing your post although you really didn’t need to. It was just my opinion and may not have been the view of others. After all what’s the point of a forum if everyone agrees on everything.

Anyway thank you for proving me wrong and it’s great to have another new member of the community.

Hi @jase

It’s :slight_smile:

No worries @Billy :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mathew , welcome :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for stopping by to introduce your new forum!
Would be great to see a first post about a certain start up in the Credit Cards & Lending category :wink:


@Oisin so forward! You’ve got to wine and dine before asking these sorts of favours ha ha.


haha, too keen? I’m usually known for my tact :man_shrugging: