For some reason I can’t activate my card after it has been sent?

Hello, I am new to tymit I have just recently got my physical card through the post and when I go to activate it there is no button where it used to be (on the card tab) also when I go to use my temporary card it will only copy the last 4 numbers of the card. Not sure what to do can someone help me please?

Hi and welcome to the community.

I would try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that shows the card activation button again.

Failing that you would need to email or use in app chat to raise a ticket with customers services.

I have deleted and reinstalled many times I have messaged on the website and email just a-bit frustrating that I can’t talk to anyone about it I just keep getting bots messaging me

Yes you won’t get a response from anyone at Tymit today I’m afraid as customer service is not open at the weekend.

I can understand your frustration but there is nothing else you can do at this point other that wait for a response.

Sorry I couldn’t help any more with this and I hope you get a response and resolution tomorrow.