Foreign Exchange

Can anyone advise whether a payment made in a country other than UK does this attract a fee? Im thinking foreign exchange charges for euro to gb exchange for example.

There are no fee’s for using your card abroad, this includes buying goods on a website that charges in non-sterling currency.

Thanks @Sholao, does this include purchasing euros in resort? Thinking i may wait till we arrive rather than taking lots of currency with us!

Yes, however I wouldn’t do that if I were you, as you will not be getting the best deal or exchange rate.
I tend to get a small amount of the local currency or widely accepted one (dollars/euros) before I leave (martin money tips will tell the best place to get this), then when I get to the destination go to a local bank branch and use their ATM to withdraw the cash (obviously sticking to the £200 monthly limit) fee free and at the best VISA rates. I also have a sterling card if I need more cash.