Fraud - customer service not existent

Hi All, you know it’s desperate times when reaching out to the community for a credit card, no doubt a strong reflection on the service standards at Tymit….

I logged fraud on my account to the tune of £60 2 weeks ago, fraud is obviously serious and very stressful and worrying for me the customer.

As soon as I saw it I locked the card, there is no one to speak to a Tymit you have to leave a voice mail…for such a future shaping company this is a real let down.

I have had nothing since except a automated/ scripted reply to say they are busy. Luckily for me I have a balance of £70 so as soon as the fraud is refunded I can close the card. In the mean time why is the refund taking so long, why is no one responding to my email, does anyone have a phone number, I feel I have little choice but to go to the FCA/Ombudsman which is just time consuming. The merit of any organisation is built upon customer service and this is beyond poor, can someone from Tymit respond to me and deal with my fraud, it would be amazing to speak to a actual staff memever?

@Oisin @mike.brozowski maybe you can help?