Frustration with Tymit

I am getting rather frustrated with Tymit more and more now.

I have been with Tymit a year now. They offered me a low credit and I thought after time this will get increased. So I’ve recently asked for one and they will only increase my credit limit by £500 where as my other credit provider has increased this 4 times over that in the same time.

Customer service is shocking and not speedy and not helpful.

I’m trying to contact support to change my direct debit details as I’m no longer with the bank they are stating I am with. If you go into direct debts it displays your information but won’t allow you to change this information and states to contact support. Support state they can’t do this and it would need to be another team which could take weeks to do, I’d be better cancelling my direct debit and entering my new ones. I’ve done this, and I’m unable to change my details.

Tymit seem to be sailing the titanic and don’t offer features as standard, where as all the big boys out there allow you to change your direct debit details via the app, they do bank statements, they had ApplePay as standard and you didn’t have to wait months for this to be implemented. They give you higher credit limits. Their customers service is better and more responsive. If Tymit can’t keep up, then they are a company that is destined to sink but they are trying to keep themselves afloat.

I joined Tymit because I thought they had potential and they would progress faster. But I’m certainly not getting that feeling now.

Apart from the BNPL what do Tymit have going for them?


I feel for you, glitchy customer service and CRA reporting are ruining it. Perhaps they should stop new customers as they can’t meet the demand.


I’ve been with Tymit for a year as well, and I’m happy so far. I’m not saying they are perfect or have arrived, but for my needs I’m happy.

They are a start-up (getting old now), but yes there is still more work that can be done, and they are working on it. It would be a good idea if they could work a bit faster, but I don’t think any company is going to stop taking on new customers.

With regards to your request for a limit increase, how has your usage been over the last year? If you have stayed within 30% utilization, this might have a bearing on what you have been offered as they might think you don’t use the card enough. I got my card in Nov 2020, went on holiday in Dec 2020 and used 90% of my 1500 limit, paying it off over 3 months and then continuing to use about 50% of limit taking advantage of the 3 month interest free period. I got a decent limit increase in May 2021 (its the highest of the 4 cards I hold) and more than twice my original limit, so it does depend on individuals.

I use Tymit mainly for the 3 month interest free option, will probably not use it for anything else, so you have to decide if you want to take the small increase or go somewhere else.

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