Fully paid transaction still has "Choose Plan" option showing

Towards the end of last month I made a small transaction on my card that I neglected to select a payment plan for. At the end of the month this automatically went to pay-in-full and was duly paid via my direct debit. However, in the app, the transaction still has a blue circle alongside it, and still shows the “Choose plan” option. If I then click into the transaction, one of three behaviours occurs.

  1. The app force closes
  2. A payment plan screen opens but displays just the framework page elements with no details
  3. A payment plan screen opens but displays the details of the most recent other transaction that I’ve been onto the details page of.

Obviously, none of these are desirable results.
For reference I my phone is running Android 10 and I am using the most recent version of the app (1.7.10). I have tried clearing the app cache and force closing but the behaviour does not change.

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Hi @neilix

Thanks for the details - that’s really helpful and will make it easier to identify. This is with our team now for investigation :male_detective:

If you have any screenshots of what you’re seeing, please feel free to share them here so we can take a look (unless they have any sensitive personal information!) or message me privately.



I’ve included 4 images to try to show what I’m experiencing. I’ve made a couple of redactions for the sake of privacy but have done these such that you can see where they are. Anything that’s completely blank is that way because it’s displayed as such in the app.

The first image is what I see when initially going into the app. You’ll see it includes the purchase I made on the 25th March (which was paid by DD at the start of this month) still marked with the Blue Dot and the Choose Plan option. You’ll also see there is a purchase I made today which has been spread across 3 payments. That becomes relevant in a later image.

If, from that initial screen, I click on the March 25th transaction then what I see is this:

If I then go back to the main screen and click into today’s transaction, everything for that is normal (merchant, amount, monthly split, and monthly plan all display correctly).

But if, having looked at that transaction, I then go back into the March 25th transaction then it appears to have retained some of that information from the last viewed purchase and transposed it onto the blank frame it was previously displaying.

Hope that’s sufficient. If you need anything else let me know.

Thanks so much for that @neilix! I’ve passed that on to the developers. That definitely doesn’t look right! If you can also just drop me your email if you’re happy to in a DM, we can then dig into your individual account to see if there’s something specific to your profile that might be causing the issue.


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