Gener8 on Dragons Den

Just see a clip of the Gener8 pitch on Dragons Den … has anyone here tried Gener8?

Nope but will try it now. :slight_smile:

Seems like a good idea and it’s based on Chrome - only issue I have with it, is I cannot add my Bitwarden extension on to it got get my randomly generated passwords for websites

It’s probably some flag in the config you can change to allow that. I can’t remember how to get there but it may be about:flags or about:config in the address bar.

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Let us know who you get on :+1:

Tbh it is quite easy to get currency.

If you refresh the page it’ll generate the currency although I’d imagine there is a cap for anti-abuse.

You have to use it for a week before you have full access to the marketplace (Although if you invite 2 friends, this is waived)

The concept is good but it’ll take some time to assess if its worth it. For now it’s nice to give you a choice but realistically, nothing beats ublock, https everywhere etc…

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