General Chat: What wallets are you using?

Just a fun general chat. What Wallets are you currently using to carry around the Tymit Card :heart::credit_card:

I am currently carrying the Belroy Slim Sleeve :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a bog standard leather wallet in black boasting a 10 card capacity and a see through section to view the mug shot on my driving licence :laughing:

It’s years old so might go for an upgrade depending on any recommendations I see posted on here.

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I definitely did not create this thread just to look for new wallet ideas :sweat_smile:

Black Ridge Wallet Titanium. The only wallet you need! :grin:

The Ridge: Titanium - Matte Black - The Ridge UK (

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I have seen the ridge wallet but never given it a try as i remember having a off-brand one and it destroyed by embossed cards.
I also switch between the Misc Goods Co. flap wallet Version 3. I love it so much, it patinas well but sometimes i like to swap with other wallet i have in my collection.

That’s interesting as I haven’t had a problem with my ridge, and I’ve had Curve metal, red metal card and Revolut metal cards together. I do prefer some weight on my wallet so I know its there. Just don’t ask haha.

You are covered by a lifetime warranty on the ridge. :+1:

I used to have the Bellroy Card Sleeve wallet years ago but, it did my head in with the pull tag haha.

Card Sleeve: Slim Leather Card Holder Wallet | Bellroy

A handmade custom wallet made using Italian Badalassi Carlo Noffin leather from Tuscany by Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana :nerd_face:

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Sounds funky :eyes:. This is going well this thread

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An ageing Saddler tri-fold.


(Mine is an earlier version with press stud fastening)

I’ve had this wallet for over 20 years, and yes it has seen better days, but no matter how many others I try, I still seem to go back to this trusty old one.


At the moment I’m using a wallet by Casmonal which is fairly similar to the original Trove wallet but was a bit cheaper and uses some different materials. But I’ve just ordered a handmade leather wallet from Benjamin Bott Design. It’s called the Double Wren, is a three-pocket design with two different pieces of leather interlinking. I’m having mine done bespoke with a different leather combination and thread to this, but you can get an idea of the style from these images.

As a side note for anyone considering a new wallet, the youtube channel Walletopia is a really good resource for wallet reviews where you can see a physical demonstration of the wallet in use.

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That’s really nice. Very similar to my handmade wallet from Misc Goods Co.

There’s a really nice handmade wallet I have my eyes on from Open Sea Lather Co.

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That’s a great design and a really nice looking wallet. Isn’t this the guy who’s in the navy and then makes wallets when he not on duty? That’s pretty cool.

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Yes. He Sure is :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You get to mix and match your leather choices and choose your own colour thread. It’s so unique and handmade. There’s nothing like it :eyes:

I’m curious, having never used a flap wallet before, what the experience is like. I’ve always assumed that the flap may be a little annoying in use, and get caught when you’re shoving it into a jeans pocket etc. Since you already have a flap wallet, and are considering another, I guess that never been an issue for you?

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I recently tried swapping my Misc Goods Co flap wallet for a card holder and went straight back. It’s so easy to open and close.

In terms of cards. Mine can hold up to 15 cards but I only carry 3. I have my bank card at the front and I have my id in the middle and credit at the back so it’s really easy to get cards out.

I find opening snd closing it really easy and you get used to it too. I can actually do it one handed now :laughing:

Here’s a video on the QuickDraw and Gundeck

Here’s a video on the wallet I have

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I really like that Gun Deck Quickdraw and it seems reasonably priced for a handmade wallet with all the different options available.

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I think I’m going to buy the gun deck QuickDraw next

So I’ll jump on the bandwagon but I’m rather boring and functional in the wallet department :wink:

I always use slim form factor cases, often for business cards. This is the current setup which was a business card holder gifted by a tech firm.

It holds all the cards and IDs I need, except if I am travelling internationally then I often need space for a few more.

So I’m transitioning to a wallet I thankfully received for Christmas 2019! It has a slide bar to push the cards out, but you need to pull a few out to find what you want usually.

I usually carry my wallet in my back pocket and tend to sit down on it, so something metallic like these two is always ideal.


Ah Akielo. I miss that mechanism. Definitely helped when I had only a couple of cards. Now a days I usually have 8+ cards and certainly wouldn’t trust curve to hold my cards… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I’m carrying 5 bank cards, ID, office access, and some business cards and it’s all fitting nicely for now.

When I move to the new one I could probably carry 2 other ID cards I sometimes use but I’m considering buying a travel wallet for some of those and trying to leave them at home when not travelling.

I’ve done the whole Curve only thing but it only takes a processor to go offline and you’re screwed getting home or paying for dinner.

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