Google pay a no no?

Trying to put my new Tymit card onto google pay but google pay say’s it’s not possible is this something for the future if so a date would be good

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I’m sure I read it’s being worked on but unfortunately it’s not an easy switch to flick

There’s a alternative some other users have mentioned including using Curve which allows you to combine all your cards into one which can be added to Google Pay

Just be wary that this is a provider and therefore any purchases you make are via curve so that may affect Tymit purchase protection (if there is any)

If your unsure reach out to Tymit via the App :blush:


I can’t combine topics as I don’t have any tools to do so but you can join the discussion for this feature in the main thread :point_right:

thanks for the reply I will await and see what happens and also bookmarked the other thread should they come up with an answer
thanks again

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Google Pay & Apple Pay are on the roadmap. The latest is that it should be out in the first half of this year.

That’s for the answer will wait and see what happens.
Sorry about the 1st reply wasn’t meant for you .

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