Google pay for tymit


Anyone know if the tymit card is available on Google pay


So far all we know is :soon:
Check this post out

Hi Darren, You can add the card to your Google pay account so it’s saved as a payment method for quicker checkout with online purchases but not mobile wallet.

Mobile wallet should be very soon, in fact when you try adding the card it now shows Tymit mobile wallet terms and conditions rather than the “not supported by your bank” message so :crossed_fingers: very soon.


Hi @Darren74 , like @Billy said - "very soon" :hourglass_flowing_sand:


Bold text and quotation marks. Soon, Sooner or Soon Soon. Who knows :thinking:

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What about Apple Pay? :grin:

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Don’t have it. I was told Google pay would work. Again its just another issue with tymit. Starting to regret having the booster card its no different to a debit card account, its £9.95 to use your own money.

@Darren74 I’m interested to know who told you Mobile Wallet Payments with Google Pay would work? I know it’s really close but I don’t see any mention on the Tymit website.

I’m curious to know as if it was via official channels it might mean that it is imminent, Even so you shouldn’t be getting told that until it is actually available so please could you confirm where that info came from.

Also I believe the £9.95 monthly fee is for having the opportunity to improve your credit score, by having a credit card that you would of otherwise not of been approved for and the benefit of monthly reporting to Experian.

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Ive tried transferring funds from tymit to my bank and it doesn’t allow. This account is one joke. Its got £100 of my money and i can’t access it

If you are trying to withdraw your deposit it should allow you. But remember you need to leave enough to cover any transactions plus the monthly fee.

Nope, I’ve tried different amounts and it just cuts the app off. Its a poor service.

Ah I thought it may have been to do with the amount you were trying to withdraw. I’ll get you over on you’re other post see if we can get some help with this.

How do i close the account? Im fed up with it now, its my money and i can’t access it

Hi @Darren74 , sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your Booster account.
Are you trying to send the funds back to the same bank account? I know this has to be done, so if you’re trying a different account this could be the issue. If that’s not it, feel free to DM me. I’d also be interested to hear where you heard Google Pay is up and running. As you’ve discovered, it’s not, so if there’s contrary info out there, I’d love to clear things up. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi. Ive asked to close my account but was told id owe £19.95 for what ive no idea. I only paid £9.95 last week. I withdraw all my money into a bank, it would not allow into nationwide. Ive sent 4 emails to tymit today and again a waste of time. Ive informed them if its not resolved im sending the complaint to the financial ombudsman. I don’t owe £19.95 and no explanation


Thanks for the info, @Darren74. Let me check in with the team on this one.

Thanks. My main reason to close the account is lack of customer service, poor communication. The issue transfer money was the last thing, it would not allow to move to nationwide but would to a bank?? I was charged a fee of £9.95 after only 3 days, which is poor communication and not explained. Also this rubbish i now owe £19.95 is a complete joke. I won’t be paying anything, and i will get a financial ombudsman involved if i have to.
Tymit is poorly run and nothing explained, you simply open an account, charged to use your own money, and left with no help. Id love to keep the account but its unlikely as I’ve been let down by the management team.

Hi @Darren74

Really sorry for the poor experience you’ve had. I’ve just responded directly to you in a DM and with further details in your app to get things sorted for you.

I hope this helps but please do shout here or in a DM to me if you need anything else in the meantime.

Many thanks