Google pay with tymit

Is it on the horizon? Available soon? Any ETA? :slight_smile:

Hi Simon, both Apple and Google Pay are on our product roadmap! We can’t give a firm ETA, but stay tuned to the community for updates :eyes:

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@Tom thanks for the update. Do you intend on sharing the roadmap so users can see what might be coming and when?



What about a non firm ETA? 1 week? 1 month? 3months? 6months+?

It’s a basic necessity for me now so I won’t complete my application until it’s available or v close to available

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Any update on this? Again it makes the card a no go for me until you add it. I don’t carry physical cards or a wallet as everywhere takes Google Pay.

This is where Tymit should take a page out of the books on other Fintech communities and have regular updates e.g. 1st Monday of the month.

Whats in the pipeline, progress, beta trials, etc. Will keep customers engaged and maybe even stop them moving on cus they are bored waiting for an option.

My 5 cents :slightly_smiling_face: