Got invited... then nothing

I got an invite email and applied on 24/12… got a we need more time to review message which sets a 3 working day timeframe.

2nd Jan sent a message observing it was more than 3 days
6th Jan got a slightly cryptic reply saying I should have received an email. I hadn’t!
9th Jan sent a follow up

I’m still no clearer as to what the issue is, I have excellent credit and can’t see a search on Transunion.

A pretty disappointing start.

That’s surprising as Tymit Support are really good from my experience.

Hi @Jonnyp42, I’m sorry for the delay, we’ve been experiencing a very high volume of applications recently - after investigating this further with the team we’ve introduced system improvements and additional resources to handle applications faster to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. I’ve also reached out to you directly to provide you with an update on your application. Once, again please accept my apologies for the delay. Have a great week ahead!

Thanks. All up and running now.

I’m a little surprised by the APR. A comparable instalment plan on an RBS Visa Card I hold attracts an APR of 10.9% APR.

The instalment option only seems worthwhile if you get a low APR, as I didn’t, so not sure I see any value with the current proposition.

Yep, I think that’s fair comment. My credit is 999 on Experian, which I appreciate is only an interpretation of the file. Evidently Tymit see it differently.

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I have the same problem, I have had my invite, but when I tried to log into the site, I found I was back on the waiting list, so I don’t know what is going on? I will probably use one of the other pay in instalment sites, because I am not having much luck with Tymit.