Grouping payments...?

I read somewhere about grouping certain payments together to make payments (over a period?). I cant find anything obvious in the app to do this. Anyone know what this is about or how it works. Seems to appeal to em as I may wish to group payments made for a weekend away to a payment plan if I understand this it correctly?

Hi I only just discovered this the other day, you need to press and hold on the transaction then you should be able to drag it into the which ever transaction you want and it will merge, hope this makes sense.

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Thanks Davessanchez, just tried it, works a treat. You bundle them together and call it a name.
Surprised it’s not explained anywhere, very useful.
Thanks again :pray:

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Actually there is an error caused when you go to save it. Still, nice to know for the future😆

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Lol still early days Im sure there will be fix soon, I like the idea of being able to merge together haven’t done yet, but sure I will at some point.

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Hi @Davessanchez and @cappers, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble setting up bundles! I’ve attached a quick video of creating them. Currently, it’s only possible to set up bundles with transactions in the same billing cycle and instalment plan. I really hope this video helps and we’ll be releasing helpful guides soon!

Thank you very helpful. Tried it with x2 transactions in consecutive days in the same cycle but got the error message “sorry there was an error, please try later “ when I tap on ‘create bundle’ and calling it a name.