HelpPlease money not gone in

Hi guys,

I sent money to my account via the pay my bill app, I missed my reference number off and also
The account number is different from from when you go into the settings to access your details, sort code was the same tho…Iv messaged Tymit and there taking ages but money still hasn’t gone in

Hi @Danzilla

Sending a payment without the reference usually means that the money takes longer to show in your account as Tymit need to match and allocate the funds manually.

The standard advice is to contact support and let them know, if you have already done this it’s just a case of waiting for a response.

The account number for receiving payments was changed some time ago, the old account number should still be active but again it’s going to be a wait for customer service to get back to confirm.

I wouldn’t worry too much but fully appreciate the lack of response in this case will add to the worry so hopefully you get a response soon.