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I am indeed excited about the Tymit approach to credit cards, it is very long overdue and you deserve it to be a success. I would like to apply for one if Direct Debiting is now in place.
However I generally refrain from using any website which force feeds it’s cookie policy on users with no chance for them to restrict to functional use only. Doing this is not in the same spirit of honesty and openness as your Company’s expressed ethos.
Might your website guru possibly have a rethink, because, whilst many people do just accept these things without giving it a thought, increasing numbers are rebelling against the ubiquitous use of their own personal data and they are probably customers you would like to have.

Hi @StephenB aa privacy notices go, it’s very simple and that’s a good thing. You can block cookies and set your browser to DND. There is no login via the website so it won’t change functionality of that.

For the app the privacy policy is more complex but is very easy to understand without any legalese. It also doesn’t reference advertising from third parties unlike the website (which you can opt out of).

The benefits far outweigh any decision I would make to not use Tymit based on their decision to have an “opt-in or leave” policy on their website, especially given I request DNT and not to accept cookies be default.

One side note: the privacy policy for the app does need an update as it is still referencing the old provider and has a couple of errors in formatting language. Perhaps @Oisin can help with that.

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Thanks Jase a useful response.

I believe I have the same ‘no cookies’ defaults, but find them sometimes overridden by me saying yes to any given site, but I am not technologically savvy enough to know why.

It does seem like a constant battle to avoid automatic inclusion into stuff you don’t want, but I do appreciate the steer and do agree that with their approach to their own product Tymit are spot on and to be commended.

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Thanks for the heads up about the language in the app, @jase . I’m going to look into it!

hi @StephenB , welcome to the community :wave:

Let me chat to the web guru :woman_in_lotus_position: and come back to you.

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Thank you @Oisin - One example is that after mentioning how data may be used, it states “as mentioned below” when it should say “as mentioned above” and it references Wirecard.

@StephenB - That sounds very frustrating! Which browser do you use? Some are better at not allowing storage than others. I tend to use Firefox due to the vast array of plugins it supports.

At the risk of displaying my ignorance I would say Microsoft Edge, but is that even a browser?

It does help evidence that ignorant people like me are just sucked into the unknown. I don’t mean to start a whole other debate on Tymit’s time, but designing sites and apps that don’t give people options just does not feel not right to me. I feel it should always be consciously opting in and I am narked by how some players, under the pretence of a privacy policy, or extra steps, or trickily designed on/off buttons etc, make it such hard work to avoid giving more data than necessary or receiving unwanted advertising and how they try to make life difficult for you when you do.

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@StephenB - That sure is a browser! Take a look at Firefox however, it’s far more extensible. Microsoft Edge are switching to using the same code base Google Chrome does, so that too will be more extensible in future however.

Agreed, it’s tricky to navigate the web without needing to be on guard. Look up using “disposable email addresses” to really protect yourself from spam and increase privacy.