How do I find total balance remaining?

I don’t really understand how the app works. I spent £682. Ive paid off £340. If I ask for outstanding balance is still says £682? But it also says £3488 of £3500 left to spend. It’s all so confusing and doesn’t fill me with any confidence that I’ll pay the right amount off. Has anyone else noticed these irregularities?

I’ve had issues, I think it corrects itself on the 1st of the month, and any extra payments made over the asked amount are deducted off the following month, it is confusing.

Glad I’m not the only one! Hopefully they simplify things over time

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Hi @tom1 sorry to hear you’ve had some confusion with the billing on your account. We’re working with customers to improve how display outstanding balances and payments in the app and this kind of feedback is invaluable to help us achieve the product updates we need :+1:t2:

If you have any concerns specific to your account, please reach out to a member of the support team either through the in app chat or on and they’ll be more than happy to help.

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Similar thing here. I accidentally (fat finger syndrome) paid 5p too much for my February bill and the extra 5p has been added as a payment towards my March bill. That’s not the problem, though - the problem is that the large number at the top of the main screen shows the correct balance, but the amount it tells you to pay for March doesn’t take into account the 5p already paid.

i.e. balance on the main screen is currently £4.40, but anywhere in the app that you can settle your account, it’s asking for £4.45.

I sent this in to support at the weekend:

Hello. Just wondered if I could have some help. I’m really confused about how payments have been applied to my account and how much I have left to owe.

Since opening my account I have spent £682. I have also payed off £442 onto my account. Which should leave a total outstanding balance of £240.

Nowhere in the app can I see this. When I look at total outstanding it gives me a figure over £400. My March payment says I owe £130 and my April one £230. If I payed both these then I would be paying off more then I owe?

I’m trying to get a handle on whether these are just bugs with the app because it’s just new? Or does it not update in real time as payments are applied? I understand the concept of how the card works with splitting payments but I should also be able to make extra payments over and above this without confusing the app surely?


Just to see what would happen, I paid off the balance of £4.40, so now the balance on my account is £0.00. However, it still says the March bill is £4.45, due by the 7th April. If I choose the option to “Payoff all balances now” on the user profile screen, it says the total outstanding balance is £4.45.

Tymit need to sort out silly bugs like this as they will no doubt be very confusing when larger amounts and installments are involved.

Hi everyone,

Exactly the same here, after speaking to support I believe the workaround currently is to ignore the payoff balance amount if you have made early payments and as the balance is paid by bank transfer to just pay the balance on the main screen which updates in line with the extra payments. The other balances update at the start of the month, at least this is what I did and it seemed to work fine. I do however pay my balance off in full each month so I have no idea how this would work with grouping transactions together and paying monthly instalments. I agree it’s all very confusing but I’m sure this is something they’ll be working on to rectify soon.