How do people use this card?

I’m curious how people use this card as it doesn’t seem to be aimed at people who pay in full. Do people use it for all their normal spending or just for payments they want to spread over several months?

Maybe a combination of both?

How do you use this card?
  • Only spending where you pay in full
  • Only spending where you want to spread the cost
  • Both

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Hey @Ryan welcome to the community!

I’ve used it a lot recently but always spreading the cost of things over 3 months just because it lets me.

I have another card I use to pay for things in full. Basically anything under £250.00 I will put on that, and the rest on Tymit.

Do you have a Tymit card yet? If not I can give you my invite to share the reward :wink:

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Not exactly a direct response to your questions, but for me, Tymit was a great option as a back up card.
I have a Nationwide Select (very large credit limit) which is used for high value purchases, mainly for the section 75 protection.
As a back up, I originally had a Nat West credit card (small limit, but adequate as a back up) which was cancelled by Nat West due to inactivity.
This was replaced with a Tandem cashback card which unfortunately is no more.
With the demise of Tandem, next was an Aqua cashback card, who unfortunately kept pestering me to use the card and so were told where to stick it :rofl:
This brought me to Tymit, which has a decent credit limit for a back up card, the 3 month interest free option and no hassles if the card isn’t used for a while.
So far, for my needs, it has worked out perfectly.


I didn’t use my Tymit card for quite some time as I earned a few extra miles towards a trip I was taking, so it’s great there is no pestering for inactivity.

Now I use it a lot, as in lockdown I’m enjoying treating myself and my better half rather than spending it on nights out and meals with friends.

Having a couple of cards is good. Even just from the point of view of reporting to multiple credit reference agencies.

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The main reason for getting the card is the 3 months interest free option. useful to get a breather on unexpected bills as well as gain a bit on interest (i know not much nowadays) on budgeted spending. Looking forward to limit increase after a couple of months as it is a bit low (1500).


A limit increase and the ability to request this in app would be most welcome. I’d like to see mine at least double for monthly spending and possibly quadruple before Christmas. It I think that’s asking too much.

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I don’t think that is asking too much especially if they want to attract more customers. Unless they are specifically targeting the near/sub prime market and want to keep credit card limits low. I was lucky to go on holiday just before Christmas and treated myself to a gift while there, but putting it on my Tymit card shot my utilisation to 70% so a decent limit is required if they want to encourage high spenders as customers.

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I use Tymit for pretty much everything. Most of the time I pay off monthly but occasionally I split over 3 months eg my new iPhone. I like the immediate notifications and all the new shiny features that it has and will be coming along. Also like to support new U.K. companies.

I ageee, the credit limit is too low but I have another credit card with a 10k limit if I need it.

Tymit doesn’t show up on my credit score despite using it now for a year!


Ryan, I wouldn’t have thought that there is much to be “curious” about. Three months interest free - what’s not to like?!

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I’ve never really been bothered by these spread the cost type services. I’m more interested in a credit card that’s like my bank and has instant notifications and google pay.

It seems hard to find a card with both of those features :joy:

@Ryan Your best bet at the moment would be to use a normal credit card and curve. Curve will give you instant notification and also supports Goggle Pay. This is the way I current roll, the only time I used the credit card directly is for a large purchase when I need section 75 protection. With the death of Tandem card there is no Fintech credit card out there (don’t even know if Tandem supported Google pay). I’ve started to receive notifications on my Tesco credit card transactions so that might be an option if you really want and are happy to join Tesco Bank.

Well I get exactly that with my Tesco credit card, but maybe not ‘cool’ enough?!

Barclays! Instant notifications along with Apple / Android Pay…

I used curve a while a go but I just couldn’t rely on it as there would be a lot of declines. Didn’t know Tesco’s did instant notifications.

If tymit supports Google pay at some point which it seems they will, I’m happy to wait.

I don’t care about it being cool, I just didn’t know that :joy:

Are you sure they support Google pay? I presumed you still had to use their app instead which isn’t as convenient.

Yes, Barclays & Barclaycard both push notifications and support Android Pay, or Apple Pay.

hey @Ryan ,

Google Pay is on the way soon, as is Apple Pay. We’re kind of limited in what we’re allowed to say, but you won’t be waiting too much longer.

Most recent update from December :point_down:


If you need anyone to test Apple Pay - I’m here :wink:

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Kind offer noted, @Rob17 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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