How does billing work?

Those with experience with Tymit, can you please let me know how repayments should work? The app now says my November bill is due by 7 December with a value of X/3 (X being the sum of transactions this month, spread over three months).

But when I tap pay bill, it only gives me an option to pay X by bank transfer…

Will this change at the end of November/closer to the due date? Without statements I have no idea if the billing cycle has already closed and the amount due settled, or if it’s not due to close until the end of November, or what the hell is going on… puts me off using Tymit really.

I’d love clearer messaging, and the most essential thing for any financial account, a statement…

The cut off date for the billing period is the 25th of each month, any new transactions after the 25th will go onto the following month’s bill.

For example if you use your card today that will go onto your December bill which will be due on or around the 7th of January.

Between the 25th and the end of the month you can still change payment plans for any purchases in your November bill to adjust the amount due on December 7th

Once it has finalised at the end of the month you can no longer change payment plans and the amount due for November must be paid or collected by direct debit on the 7th.

I hope that helps

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