How Long Till Payments Show? 3 Days?

Hi, signed up for Tymit in Feb, but had been a bit reluctant to use after seeing some of the teething problems. Decided to start using them, and put a transaction through a few weeks back.

Paid the bill in full by Faster Payment on Sunday morning, yet today, 3 days later (Weds) its still not showing on my Tymit account. Is this normal? Even my slowest, least tech based credit cards show payments within a day.

Not really what I was hoping/expecting from a tech-focussed company,

I paid yesterday afternoon and got a notification showing it in tymit this morning

Have you checked you sent the right reference and that it went as a faster payment?

I paid on Monday morning (1am via a scheduled payment). All details were correct including reference and mine has not shown up in my Tymit account yet.

This is a bit slow really and a bit disappointing.

I know Tymit are looking at improving this along with many other things. I hope they do start to make Tymit a more worthwhile option.

I contacted support this morning, and they have now applied the payment to my account, but they didn’t say what the issue was. To answer the above questions, yes I had quoted the correct reference.

Pretty disappointed with my first use of the card, but to end on a positive the support team responded and solved the problem quickly and efficiently within an hour of them being open this morning.

I made a payment via Faster Payments on 3rd October, still not showing on my account this morning (7th October) and I also received a reminder to pay my bill today so there is something slowing the payments at the Tymit end. I have contacted support so hopefully they will find and apply the payment.

Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns to us!

I’m really pleased to share that we’ve released an exciting new feature that means your payments show up in real-time. You can find out more here Payment & Billing Issues

In other news, we have some amazing updates from Pipo that you can read about here :point_right: Product: Past, Present and Future!


Used the new bill payment method today (always aim to pay early/pay day) and as promised it was indeed instant! - Much better!


Great to hear, @MuppetDave.
I can also confirm it’s super fast :zap:

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Faster payments are great! Almost instant. This is a huge improvement! Thank you.


Made my 1st payment today and yes, my balance cleared very quickly, however I cannot see a record of my payment on the app. Any ideas were I can find this? Thanks

Mine showed on the transaction list as normal, that’s iOS 14.1 with the latest Tymit app version. Are you using iOS of Android? Seen a few issues relating to the Android app, recently the formatting of the payment notifications…

Tried this a few days ago. As soon as I clicked ‘Send Money’ in Monzo the Tymit notification came up, the Monzo & Tymit notifications were literally fighting for my attention!

Awesome, awesome change.

Hope to see direct debits supported soon.


Using android on a Samsung S9

Just tried again this month with the new details, worked perfectly for me, instant notifications on Monzo & Tymit, very impressed with the change.

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My last payment from Starling to Tymit was instant. This is much better and more as expected these days.

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