How to apply for a credit card

How do u apply for a credit card

Hi Terri @Terri - If you wish to apply for Tymit you can use this link here:

It is a referral link.

You will need photo ID to go through the identity and credit check but it’s super easy and your card should be delivered soon if you are successful.

Please open credit card

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Use this referral link to apply for credit card

You receive £15 if your application is successful

Please apply here:

You get a “free” £15

Hi @Terri welcome to the Tymit Community,
You can apply by using any of the referral links in the thread you created.

It will involve you having downloaded or download the Tymit app from either your android store or ios, after which Tymit will ask for your mobile number (verification code will be sent so they known its your number) and for the account setup, they will also require your email address, name, address D. O. B And employment and financial details along with photo identification and a selfie pic.
As with any credit application it will also run a credit check and come back letting you know if you are able to have one of the Tymit cards, there are 2 currently, the standard one and the booster card, depending on your score / credit agency reports will depend if you get either.
The booster is designed for lower ratings and is a new concept which involves you putting a deposit down, This is what makes your limit ie £500 deposit for a £500 card limit, the deposit is held seperately and securely to your Tymit card, and is also adaptable so if you deposit more over time your limit goes up, if you withdraw some. Or all the deposit your limit goes down, but doing this could weaken your credit score as it shows you have a fluctuating limit or decrease on the credit agentcy, The booster card also has a £9.95 monthly fee to cover the features it has that the standard interest bearing card doesn’t have.
I hope I’ve been helpful, there is also a booster section on the tymit community should this be the one your offered.

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Welcome to the Tymit Community @Patrik88

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