HSBC Introducing Payment Plans

Not as good as Tymit’s offering:

  1. No free 3 month plan
  2. Minimum £250 spend

Many organisations will try to replicate this. Stay and support Tymit instead of making these big banks bigger.

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You’re not wrong. I had an email the other day from Virgin with changes to T&C’s which will pave the way for them to be able offer Tymit-like services.

Although Tymit is only a new concept to the UK. It’s been the standard format for credit cards in Spain since I lived there over 20 years ago. The idea of a ‘revolving’ card is relatively new over there and has had little take-up.

Apple, Goldman Plan ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Service to Rival Affirm

Likely to be US only at first and you only get two months interest free. The obvious benefit is it applies to any card you use with Apple Pay.