I can’t find tymit on my Credit Report

don’t understand what going on with tymit I checked my credit report to see how far I have come Everything looked ok but I noticed something wrong with tymit, my report note that I have a tymit credit card with £0 limit and no spending, when it not true I have contacted the customer support since the first week of this month still nothing their reply was it will be looked at, two week gone and now support has gone all silent each day I message for a update. I pay monthly for this card to prove I can make use of credit card sensibly but they are not doing anything. So what the Purpose of this card? I already managed to get two card from Aqua and Level and they are already showing two month use on all my cra file and it free, I really love tymit card design the app and it instalment because it unique however what am going through with them isn’t encouraging.

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Hi, how long have you been on Tymit Booster? Tymit is a bit slow when it comes to reporting to CRA, if you check your credit report, it should show when the information was last updated. What I think happened was after your account was created there could have been a gap before you deposited funds which creates the limit, and in that time they had sent the 1st report. Most likely that the next update would have correct information.

Join Early May 2021, Tymit has been on my Credit report previously showing a limit however now it shows £0 since a month ago the only thing I remember was that I added more money to tymit

Looks like something support will have to deal with in that case!

I think there has been an error - mine has been updated with £0 credit limit too in the last few days

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2 weeks on the issue has not been sorted, still zero credit limit.

I would imagine it would take at least a month to correct, assuming they are aware of the problem and have fixed it.

Olatunde1 I would just close the Tymit Booster accout if I was you. You already have two other credit cards that report to all three CRAs so you’re not gaining much from Booster. Treat yourself to something nice with the £119 a year you will save.

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I have just been told that would be fixed in 2 weeks so total of 4 weeks. I am one of the biggest supporters of Tymit, but sadly the the paid booster card is not delivering the service it promises.

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This is in part beyond Tymit’s control on the fix time. Credit providers report to CRAs on a monthly basis and so this probably accounts for the time before the next reporting period (around the 1st week of the month for Tymit).

I’m with you @NewUser I usually back Tymit on most occasions however this does seem a poor show.

Considering the main purpose of booster is to boost your credit score I really hope the £0 credit limit has no detrimental effect and is corrected promptly.

I see your point @jase but do have to feel for the frustration this causes booster customers.


No, they can manually update it when there is an issue, but it appears they do not wish to correct the error and instead leaving it to the new cycle of reporting for the following month. The customer service is still very poor, I hoped it would get better and it has not.

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They can’t manually update this usually. The CRA would likely just accept the next file as correction with historically accurate data.

I do not understand why Jase is always on Tymit defence every time. it has though he works for tymit am not accusing you my man but it gets tiring going through most post here it safe to say that.
You must be aware booster is paid for service and the purposes for using tymit boaster is to improve credit ratings that includes having a credit limit, repayment history and maybe after a few month be eligible for full tymit not just having a fancy card that does nothing mentioned.
Do you know suddenly having £0 limit has a adverse effects on credit file? I can tell there are hundreds if not thousands facing this atm… tymit has failed to deliver at this point but here we are, we did not boycott we ask for a fix I liked the idea of tymit especially it instalment… let our complaint get heard before customers start fleeing

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I’m still Team Tymit however if their issue continues to persist I will have a rethink

Perfect product, terrible execution.

Any information on CRA can be amended individually as when needed. The fact that they are not doing this right now telling me that the “zero credit limit” issue is wide spread amongst Tymit users and not affecting just a few.

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The widespread issue must therefore be fixed when they next submit data once they correct this in their exported data. It makes no sense to raise a case to submit a new file with correct data ahead of this, especially if the development work to do this has not been completed if there needs to be development work.

While you can raise a case to say the information is not correct, the lender will be offered the opportunity to correct this on the next submission.

I’ve build CRA submission systems to submit both to TransUnion and Experian so I understand in detail how this operates.

Exactly I can confirm that Monzo started reporting to Equifax I noticed incorrect account number the last 4 digit I message Monzo through the app it was fixed in 3 days how is tymit different?

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Likely just how much they are growing and working hard. Monzo have hundreds of staff and Tymit are much younger. Unless someone is going to apply for a mortgage right now, I don’t see the issue waiting for a few weeks for this to be resolved.

I accept I do not even look at my credit report so it doesn’t bother me but does bother some.