I don't think Im the target customer

I am coming to the conclusion that I’m not the target customer for Tymit. I have a near perfect credit score and pay off my balance each month - and have done since having a Tymit card a number of years ago. I must have been one of their first customers in fact. There is a lot to like about Tymit, and I have been pleased to support a young growing fintech company and one which I thought would disrupt the ‘old school’ credit card companies. Unfortunately, for me though, Tymit just cannot seem to compete with the incumbent crowd of credit card providers, either in service or product. All I really want is a fair credit card that I can use abroad with a decent credit limit and a downloadable statement. I have been waiting patiently for this, but it isn’t getting better, its getting worse. They keep hiking up the interest rates and now ALL my other cards have a lower interest rate than Tymit. I can’t get a decent credit limit without jumping through hoops (£3500 is NOT a good credit limit for me), and statements have now been pushed back to ‘maybe by the end of the year’. This may be my last comment here as I’m now in the process of dusting off some older, less used credit cards (which give me more of what I want than Tymit), and maybe even looking around to see if there are any other newer disrupters in the market to support.

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hi @Stephen, thanks for raising this in here and really sorry to hear you’re feeling this way.

I’m aware of this issue and currently awaiting the response from the relevant team as I requested to see more options on this occasion.

Please be assured that I’ll be in touch as soon as I have any updates in regards to your credit limit increase request.

I’m hoping for a solution here :crossed_fingers:

I’m in exactly the same boat, the credit limit is poor and not being able to download statements, or even better open banking so I don’t have to is making Tymit look like a dinosaur rather than a Fintech company.

Hi @DarrenAurora sorry to hear this. Have you tried to apply for credit limit increase or not yet?

Either way, I can look into it for you. Please message me directly with your email address and I’ll investigate further.

In regards to bank statements, we’re working on having them accessible for our customers in the near future. In the meantime, please get in touch with our customer support team at support@tymit.com as they will be able to provide any of your statements in pdf version.

Hope that helps :blush:

Tymit’s biggest weakness for me against my traditional cards is the lack of open banking API.

hi @Gaoler, have you tried the new Instant Bank Transfer? :blush:

No, I don’t need it. I meant an API for aggregators

Thanks for clarifying this @Gaoler

Bringing open banking features to allow you to sync Tymit with other apps is something that we’re aware of and want to bring to the app, but is not currently in development.

We value your feedback as it will help the product team prioritise improvements like this.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any further suggestions that I can pass onto the relevant team. :blush:

This is sad to hear. API-first is the way to go at the moment, imo.

@Gaoler I’ll pass your feedback on our developers for sure :raised_hands: