I entered wrong pin 3x and card will not work now

I entered wrong pin 3x and card will not work now. I have tried to view my pin in the app but I am told by a message there is a prob. try again later. I also reset my pass in the app, but when I go to the ATM, I am told: ‘Contact your card issuer, we cannot process your request.’

I have also removed app, switched iPhone off, back on and re-installed the app. But same problem.

This has been going on for 2 weeks now and I am still awaiting CS to rectify this. Is this a normal situation, taking the duration of the problem?

Sounds like it’s been assumed stolen, card gets permanently blocked I believe after 3 attempts. I started using Apple Pay religiously after a local petrol shop had card reader issues, kept saying there was a Pin Error. Was just their crappy faulty card reader. After three attempts damn thing sent a signal to the bank who assumed it was faulty or compromised. Sodding inconvenience having to keep updating payment methods all over the place.

Yes! They seem to have a major problem with their APP. They seem to have everything centred on this app. I am going to try in on an android phone. Pass reset doesn’t work on my iPhone after the 3x wrong pass entry.

hey @clams , sorry to hear about your PIN trouble.
I’m going to message you directly for some more details. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just got a message from them that card got unblocked. And I can see my pin on it now. So I will wait and see if I can make an order online and let you know.


Having issue today tried using card with pin as changed in app card machines in shops kept
saying invalid pin on 3rd attempt it said invalid pin blocked even thou payment went through so I’ve no idea how to unblock pin and don’t know why it’s not reconzing pin I’m very confused on what to do here

Here’s the previously shared information on the subject of in app pin changes:

If you changed the PIN within the app (which we will support shortly, its being worked on) you’ll need to go to an ATM, login with the NEW PIN (you dont need to remember the old one), and do a transaction: a simple balance inquiry or cash withdrawal would do (remember you can get up to £200/month with no charges no interest). That will update the physical chip on your card with the new PIN you entered in the app.