I Get The Impression That The Community is

…a little sparse or very reticent to communicate!

Why not link to it via the app like Monzo does - they have a thriving community even in lockdown- ok it can be a little grumpy on topics such as Monzo Plus but on the whole active!

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I agree, I am surprised at the lack of engagement on the community and also feel a direct link from the app would help give it a boost.

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Thanks for the feedback guys :pray:t2: Any other suggestions on content you’d like to see to help generate better communication would be more than welcomed :+1:t2:

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Without something to keep people here, they will eventually drift away.

The forum needs to be able to add value to owning a Tymit card.

  1. upcoming features
  2. how to get the best from Tymit
  3. info about the company
  4. introductions from staff at Tymit
  5. the values of Tymit
  6. vision of the company
  7. polls of what customers would like to see from the Tymit card - direct involvement of customers in direction the company goes
  8. what other new fin tech banks/businesses are people using - how they compare/ what can Tymit learn.

Ultimately though you need more users to join the forum, engage and stay. (If that is what the company wants?) To do this you might need to think about:

  1. having more than 1 person from Tymit engaging on here - you probably need a few forum moderators working on here
  2. flag the forum better with new sign ups - maybe it could be used to help and support new customers with other users answering common questions (have you seen the giffgaff community)
  3. build a link to the forum directly from the app.

Tymit need to decide if the forum is something they want to really push as a differentiator or not. If not, it will likely die a natural death. If they do, then it could become a vibrant part of being a Tymit card user and be a draw to new customers as well.

Just a few off the cuff thoughts.


I had an invitation to sign up but it says invalid when I try to get my sign up code

I think what works for the Monzo community is the interaction from the staff and the constant teasers about what is currently being worked on alongside some community input too :slight_smile:


This community is as dead as a dead thing. There has been no posts here for days and pretty much zero interaction from Tymit for weeks. Questions remain unanswered and suggestions ignored.

I’m signing out for now and will only consider coming back if it becomes a thriving community that is linked to Tymit.

I’m in two minds about my card. I’m signed up with Ja Ja and will be interesting to see what they are like. I also have a traditional card from a traditional bank where I have 4x the credit limit and it works pretty well and has less problems than Tymit.

I really wanted to support Tymit but just beginning to feel like I have been backing the wrong horse. Maybe it’s still in ‘beta’ and maybe it will get better. Who knows!

So long and thanks for all the fish.

How’re you finding Ja Ja? I missed the boat on the sign up and it appears you have to be an existing customer from another bank now :frowning:

Hi Community,

Just joined so now there is one more :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a member of the Monzo and Curve community and they are very active places, especially Monzo.

As said before, post regular tasters of what is the pipeline, etc. Engage with customers.

I visit communities to see whats new or moan. If there is nothing new to read and comment on, that just leaves moaning.



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