I guess people don't make complaints

There’s no Complaints form on the website


There’s also no Privacy policy: https://tymit.com/faq/docs/2021_20201110_Tymit_TPL_PP.pdf

Original page: https://tymit.com/faq/

The links work from the home page, so it’s only the FAQ page that’s broke - https://tymit.com/docs/2021_20201110_Tymit_TPL_PP.pdf

I’ve been trying to join since Wednesday last week and have been stuck - no reply to Zendesk tickets, I guess i’ll have to call them.

Hi @Prinz_Protato

Thanks for reaching out to the Community and sorry for the trouble you’ve had! Thanks also for sharing those dead links - I’ve fed that back so we’ll get them updated.

We have a bit of a backlog in our queries at the moment. But if you’d like to DM me your email, I can pass that on to the team to take a look and see what’s the hold up with your application.


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Done, thank you for your help - and I do appreciate the hold up on that end due to Covid