I made an overpayment

…how do I get it back?

I’ve sent a message to support. Wanted to check here if there was an easier method.


Hi Lisa, It depends on how much you overpaid. If it’s under £200 you can just withdraw it from a cash machine. Other than that it would be a case of waiting for support getting back to you.

Quickest way will be to withdraw from ATM as suggested by Billy.

Thank you both.

The balance that needs paying is a little confusing. I tend to use my card for internet payments because it’s safer, and then pay them off immediately if I can. So I made one payment, then let a few other purchases mount up before I paid them back, but the balance didn’t account for the payment I had already made, so I overpaid. I’ll remember for next time. Ha ha!

The amount is £19.98, so will need to make another payment of £0.02 so I can withdraw £20. Although be interested in hearing what Tymit suggest.

Thanks again.