**Important information about your Tymit card**

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, as a result of the Financial Conduct Authorities decision to stop our card issuer Wirecard Card Solutions Limited from undertaking regulated activity, you will be temporarily unable to make new purchases with your Tymit card.

We are now working hard to transition our card program to a new provider, so that we can resume activity as soon as possible. We’ll update you as soon as we have a timeline.

We would like to reassure you that in the meantime your ability to access the app, manage your bill and make payments to your Tymit account remain unaffected and our team are on hand to provide any advice or support needed.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and would like to thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time.


Martin, Founder & CEO

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Are we talking a day or so- or a week. Really need to know ASAP. Thanks.

Will we need new cards?

Tymit on Facebook: We’re back! You can now use your Tymit card normally, both online and at physical locations.

Good news that the restrictions have been lifted on Wirecard UK but it makes me nervous continuing to use Tymit currently. I’d like to hear your plans on transitioning away from Wirecard in more detail soon.

I’d be nervous if I held a deposit with Tymit, such as with FairFX, but not with a credit card. What’s to be nervous about?

Delighted that you are back! A nasty episode but hopefully you can move away from a Wirecard shortly.

Nothing to be nervous about, the only advice should be to always carry a spare. If you have a Visa card, carry a MasterCard, for example, but that applies to all cards, not just Tymit.

Surprising I have not heard anything about Tymit now working. I will continue to use my alternative card for now. I have been informed by both dozens and curve that there systems are now up and running.

Good afternoon Tymit community!

I can confirm that the cards are now working again, we are working on a communication to all customers explaining what happened and our future plans.

In the meantime we’d like to thank you for your patience and support during the temporary loss of service.


I’d be nervous because restrictions could be reimposed at any moment given the current situation with Wirecard. Therefore Tymit will never become my primary credit card as I’ll always have to have a spare in my wallet.

You’d be wise to carry a second card in all circumstances anyway; nothing to do with the Wirecard situation.

In over 30 years of using credit cards I think they have only let me down a handful of times and 3 of those have been with Tymit in the last couple of months. I realise they are new and so sticking with them for a bit longer. Hope it all settles down to be a reliable and trustworthy every day card.

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