Impressed with the ease of split payments

Good morning Community,

Signed up to Tymit last week and have not received my physical card yet, however I pre-purchased the new Google 4a phone this morning on the temporary card (nice touch).

I decided to split the cost on 3x and was impressed how easy it was to do.

I have seen this mentioned elsewhere on this community, but it would be nice if this (and other) payments could be made automatically by Direct Debit.

Keep up the good work Tymit and look forward to seeing DD’s and other innovations.


I love this too @jonR - So simple.

I have used my Tymit card every day for approx. over a week now, and it’s just so simple to select 3 months and use TouchID to approve.

I like the fact TouchID is being used as essentially you are committing to each payment.

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