Improving the Community

Hey everyone, :wave:

We’ve been discussing ways we can improve the community, and I know plenty of you will have ideas on how to make it better (and of course we want to hear them :point_down: )

But to get started, we’d like to change up the categories a bit.

  • Tymit Talk will feature Latest News, Product Updates, and How to Tymit

  • Booster will get its own category, because as more customers join (and they’re joining! ) a dedicated space makes sense.

  • Feedback & Ideas – what it says on the tin!
    With Ideas, we’d like to set up the voting feature so you can show us what’s most popular

  • Money Chat will cover all things personal finance, from credit cards to spending tips

  • Help will be home to FAQs and Bug Reports.

Let us know what you think with a simple yes or no.

  • Yes, change it up
  • No, leave the categories alone

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And now over to you: what would you like to see more of? What should we do differently?

If you’ve seen anything great on other forums that you think would work here, let us know too :slightly_smiling_face:


Regular updates from Tymit about upcoming features and app releases ect.


Would be good to see current issues or known issues under the help section to keep on top of the bug reports. Items in bug reports can be moved on and off this list as they are resolved.

Possibly even a service status might be helpful as well.


There definitely needs to be more communication on Booster and upcoming features if possible.

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I’d like to see more open communication on when we should expect new features etc, even if it’s just rough dates. Like we’ve seen the app redesign but we have no idea when it’s being released (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Would also like to see the community advertised on the app to try and get more to join.


Change logs for app releases

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This shouldn’t be too arduous to do. :sunglasses:


Splitting the regular Tymit and booster makes perfect sense, as very often any issues with one are irrelevant to the other.

Promoting the community, I’m all for that too :grin: