Incorrect Balance

I’m having 3 separate issues with my account balance that hopefully someone can help with.

Firstly I added my card to PayPal which deducted £1 when sending me a code to validate the card. This has been validated and cleared from my PayPal transactions but the refund has not been reflected in my Tymit balance. I’m still being charged £1 and it’s been 6 days now, well above the 24hr period advised.

Secondly I added the card to a couple of my Google accounts. They showed up as temporary hold then changed to cancelled within seconds. Issue is one of them keeps disappearing and reappearing in my transaction feed making my balance go up and down by £1 each time.

Third issue is I have a pending balance that keeps going up and down by £15 (I redeemed a referral) I got credited and sometimes this transaction shows as £15 for the referral and sometimes it shows as £0. When it shows as £15 I have a pending balance of £15 less and when it shows as £0 the pending balance disappears.

All very confusing, although the balance is only £1 out for that PayPal validation, at least on days when one of the Google transactions disappear the account balance is 100% correct. I’m slightly confused though with balance and pending balance going up and down plus wouldn’t mind that £1 back so my bill is correct.

Urm @Oisin, this might be one for the develop team. I’m right in saying the £1 PayPal charge can be reserved for up to 7 working days?

@Billy Visa’s rules last time I checked allowed up to 4 working days after the transaction for a hold to be released but it sounds like PayPal would issue a refund and this was not in fact a hold but a purchase to verify the card identity.

This could take longer and it’s mostly on PayPal to have done their side and then Tymit to allocate this. Hopefully you won’t wait much longer!

Does your referral usage show on your transaction screen?

Thanks @Jamesj015 and @jase I just thought I read refund within 24 or 48hrs when clicking through PayPal and assumed it would be refunded by now.

@jase yes it shows you redeemed a referral in the transaction feed.

@Billy you probably did see that, but sometimes it sadly doesn’t happen so fast :frowning: keep us posted on it if you don’t mind, just out of interest :slight_smile:

I wish I could have given you my referral in time, I’m pushing it to all I know to spread the Tymit love :wink:

I’ll keep you updated but it’s only a pound :laughing:

Yes been trying to spread the Tymit love myself with the referral code, Hopefully see some more credits soon :wink:

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PayPal verification recently (£1) on American Express was credited back within 24 hours. Haven’t added Tymit to Paypal as yet…

Hi @Billy , any update on this? I’ll pass it on to the team to have a look. Are the 3 issues still occurring?

Hi @Oisin the £1 PayPal transaction for card verification has still not been refunded as yet despite this being from the 18th. Customer services siad they would look into it as they have not received the refund from PayPal yet.

The Google transaction has stopped disappearing and re appearing so that seems to be fixed.

The pending balance has stopped moving up and down but I still have a pending balance of £15 less than my actual balance which I don’t understand. I think it may be something to do with the referral I redeemed but that has already been credited to my account so not sure why the pending balance.

Thanks for your interest in this.

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Update, The PayPal refund has now arrived!

That just leaves the pending balance but hopefully that clears itself for next month.

Thanks to everyone for all the help and advice.


Glad it finally arrived

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That’s great @Billy . Keep me posted on the pending balance - if it doesn’t clear, we can pass it on to the team to investivate.


Sure, will keep you posted on this.

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