Instant notifications

Instant notifications seems to have stopped working today. Have other people found this or is it just me.

I have flagged in app with support but do t expect an answer from them any time soon.

I haven’t tried a transaction but the end of month notification never arrived and I was wondering if there were issues with notifications again.

I’ve been using my card today and have had no notifications, also I’ve noticed when I merge two transactions they disapear from the current statement list don’t know if anyone else had this?

I gave up on merging transactions as it didn’t seem to be working quite right and when I queried it with customer support they took over a week to get back to me and then they still didn’t have any sort of answer.

Tymit is great when it all works, but no real customer support unfortunately. This forum is the best option, in app support is minimal.

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Agreed! I’ve been using my card loads over this weekend as I’ve read the more you use the better you stand a chance of credit limit increase! As mine is only £500 :joy:

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Blimey, £500 isn’t much. Luckily I have a slightly larger credit limit, but still not quite the £10k I have for my Capital One credit card.

Whilst I don’t really need a credit limit as high as that, it’s useful to know that you have funds available if you ever should need them.

For me, a credit card needs to be something you can call upon to get you out of a tight spot if necessary.


I’ve used the card for almost everything over the past few months and never got an automatic increase so I messaged support in app and they doubled the limit the same day. Might be worth a try?

Thanks I have asked before but nothing, think i will keep using the card for all my spending for a few more weeks and then I will ask support again :+1::blush:

We should start a credit limit support group :joy:

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Making purchase online today a code by text was received to authorise the payment but no in app notification when the transaction was completed. A payment was made to pay the balance in full on the account and a notification that the payment had been made received.

Personally, the most important notifications are when a purchase is made so I know to whom it was paid and how much, not when a payment to pay the balance on the card but unfortunately most of the time it seems these are the ones that I do not received.

I have reported the problem to support again but interested to know if anyone else has this issue

As I have stated previously it appears to be an android problem, as the same does not occur with other accounts which are used more often with this functionality