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Hi All. One of the features of Tymit which I really like is the real time instant notifications on any spend. Up until a few days ago this was working fine. For some reason these have now stopped coming through. I raised a ticket within app a couple of days ago and received a reply ‘working on it’ - but it was pretty vague and I have no idea how long they will take. From past experience, it could be weeks/months before I hear anything.

So thought I would ask on here if anyone else has had notifications stop coming through. If they have, then I know it will be a Tymit issue. If not, I know it will be an issue with my phone, and maybe I can spend some time uninstalling app and reinstalling etc.

Thanks, Stephen


Yeah I did wonder if I hadn’t just noticed them but I didn’t receive a notification the other day for a Amazon Prime subscription payment

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Just added some more money to booster and that gave me a notification straight away

I didn’t get one for a cash withdrawal but otherwise haven’t used it until my available to spend goes down for a big purchase.

Could be the 3rd party they use for push such as Firebase. Hopefully they fix it soon :slight_smile:

A new update has appeared in the last hour, I wonder if that might fix it.

My notification seem to be working ok now

@Stephen @dudesuper1982 @jase

@jase indeed you are right it was a 3rd party problem that we have since fixed.

Sorry for failing you :pensive: not what we want our loyal customers to experience.


Notifications are now working again for me. Thank goodness for this community page - much much better than the in app ‘customer service’.

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Think it maybe a bit slower than normal as they are having a lot of people applying for the booster product etc

I’m not getting any notifications on android :thinking:

Working ok on iOS. Had a Sainsbury’s and a Greggs notification today.

There was an iOS update yesterday- has there been one for android?

Yes there was an update. Sometimes you just don’t get a notification.

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Instant notifications have not been working for me for the past 2 days, I spent at Tesco yesterday and nothing then an online payment today and nothing.

The transactions show in the account straight away but no notifications being received. I’m on android and got the latest app version, anyone else having this?

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I’m holding off spending as I want to stick my holiday onto the card after the 8th so I don’t know but will use it tomorrow and check if push notifications are working.

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Thanks Jase appreciate you going out your way to do that, I’ve not had a single notification off Tymit in the past week.

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I made a bill payment and got no notification though my available credit did reflect the payment, so looks like notifications are broken again.

Thanks for confirming that Shola, Are you on iOS or Android? Just trying to guage if it’s everyone or device specific. Thanks

I’m on Android, I think the issue is with the notification partner so will probably affect both Android and IOS, but then I may be wrong.

Yeah last time it happened @Pipo said it was a 3rd party issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I haven’t used my card lately so unable to comment on this but last week was working fine