iOS & Android App - Much faster!

Version 1.13.4 of the iOS App has really made my transactions load faster now!

Before they were taking a good few seconds to show but now I’m super happy on the speed!


@jase You caught us… :wink:
If you think it was fast this morning… give it a try now.

All users should now start seeing their app working at :rocket: speed!! (yes even Android!)

Our development team have been very hard at work to make this happen :muscle: and it hasn’t been an easy task considering the amount of data and calculations we have to do for each transaction/interest etc.


Brilliant, it really is even faster now. Congratulations to all of the team!

What’s missing here though?

Hi Jase, looks like an Android issue made its way onto iOS. Just close and open again and the info should come back.

I do notice the increase in speed so that’s good to see. Well done for all the hard work team and I look forward to future improvements and of course the new design.

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That doesn’t resolve it hence raising it above :wink:

That’s a shame, Out of interest when it’s like that does it allow you to view card details or plan a purchase? Neither of these options work when I get the blank screen.

Yes, that all works and I’ve never had issues with those. I just copied my card number this morning to make a purchase and replanned :credit_card::calendar:

I wonder if clearing the app’s cache and memory might fix it, Might be worth a try while waiting on a response.

I’ve exhausted all routes to success :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m not worried about a quick response otherwise I would have raised it with their support desk.

It definitely feels a lot faster. =)
Many thanks everyone involved!

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I have no displays issues on mine did you download the last eat update as I had one Thursday and one today

Yes, I downloaded the latest, hence my post this morning.

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So it’s all good now, loading as it should so that issue is closed. Replanning no longer requires a refresh of data to show the planned item either. Brilliant! :clap: