iOS Version 1.7.0 incoming! 🍎

Good evening Tymit community, hope you’re all well and staying safe out there.

To brighten your day, as if you needed it on the hottest day of the year, :sunny:we have a new iOS update landing very soon. Which includes the following developments:

  • The referral program will have it’s own screen & better still you can now earn £15 for every referral!

  • Clicking the ‘more’ button on any transaction will show improved information and insights.

  • You’ll now find the card terms and conditions on the account screen, so you can always go back and review them.

  • There are a few minor design updates.

  • As always our superstar team have been tackling those persistent bugs.

The app is currently in review, but we hope it’ll be available in the next 24 - 48 hours, as always please share your thoughts.


Hi Tom, the delay to log in is still there, what’s it doing in the 7 seconds it just sits there after authenticating?

I would love the delay to be only 7 seconds! Mine is 17 seconds - but I use an iPhone 6 and assume it’s down to my slightly old and out of date device as all my banking apps are a bit slow to open.

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You know, if you need a new phone you can get it on an instalment plan on Tymit? :smile:

Didn’t realise it was a lot slower for others. I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro.

Hey chistery, I’ve spoken with our product and development teams and the delay is due to the app communicating with our systems to gather the account information. They are aware of the processes that are causing the slow load time and are working to speed things up :+1:t2:


Thanks @Tom :grinning:

Definitely going to be this year - either the new iPhone SE or maybe the new iPhone in autumn if it’s not too big or too expensive! And yes, Tymit might help me spread the cost a bit :grinning:

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