JAJA Credit Card

Has anyone else tried Jaja?

It’s a nice app, nice card, and interested to know anyone who is also using Jaja and Tymit.

I’ve been using JaJa for a couple of months, also have an invite to Tymit but don’t need 2 cards so will stick solely with JaJa for now.

The JaJa app is nice and simple, I particularly like the dynamic CVV function for on-line use. I would like for the app to have a toggle to disable “contactless” - perhaps that and Google Pay will come later.

I wonder if Tymit is really for me as I always pay off the balance each month.

I’ve just signed up to Tymit and want to compare them both @DaveR

I’m going to buy myself a new phone and utilise the 3 months interest free spread. Like you, I always pay off in full and this was mostly due to earning airmails. I travel a lot for work, so expenses rack up most of my balance, so earning miles is good… however, more recently I’ve become less fixated on rewards and more quality of life, so I want to switch to a company that offers simplicity instead.

Jaja’s features are great, but I’m super excited to get my Tymit card arriving soon :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find the Jaja app on the iOS App Store- would be interesting to see how it compares with Tymit

Its still invite only and a TestFlight app, it’s been over a year…

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I still prefer Tymit overall, but Jaja has some awesomeness too! As @Davessanchez it’s invite only and currently in beta.