Just opened an account

Onboarding was straightforward and account open in less than 10 minutes.

I’ve made one successful purchase (Amazon) and one unsuccessful one. The latter was due to a Verified by VISA window popping up asking me to enter a code texted to me which never arrived. I tried twice with no text received either time. I’ve sent a message to Support to see what they have to say.

Update: Verified by VISA works on other websites - it just appears to fail on giffgaff’s website when you try and update your saved card to the Tymit one. They do a card verification check for £0.00 and it’s this that the OTP SMS never arrives for.

Super quick process for me too! Very pleasant.

I like the updates to the iOS app but I’ve noticed that if you go into the help section, selecting “Have a look at our FAQs” takes you to chat, same as the “Chat with us” option.

Verified by VISA now working on giffgaff’s website - well done to Tymit for sorting this out :slight_smile:

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