Legal name vs. usual name

I’m sure I’m not the only person who suffers from this problem, but every time I apply for a new financial product I have an issue with my name.

My legal name has two forenames and surname, but I’m known by the majority of friends, family and colleagues by my second forename.

I don’t think this is very unusual but it always seems to cause difficulties when I sign up for something new.

I want to be known by my second forename and I want that on any card or account I use. I understand that for legal reasons my full name is needed for formal identification but that should only be a one off approval step.

So why is it so difficult for institutions to handle a second forename as the default name for an account?

Due to it’s ‘newness’ I’m hoping that Tymit will be able to handle this rather better than a number of other ‘older’ banks, who insist on using my first forename all the time.

Any thoughts? Other folks in the same boat?


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Exactly the same issue, although I’m known by my middle name to everybody apart from financial institutions. I’ve just got used to it over the years.

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From the company I work at, it’s mostly about ease. It’s not a requirement when it comes to communication (unless for debt recovery or statements).

@JMark The only card providers that I’ve used that allow this are Monzo and Coutts. They don’t care what your name is on the card or when you call or message.