Locked out of app

Uninstalled and reinstalled at least 15 times now
The app won’t let me login, when I put my details in I get a “you’re already registered” notice, but there isn’t another way for me to get in.

Step one: install app
Step two: select “existing customer”
Step three: put in pin that is sent to my phone
Step four: put in my details for the millionth time (name, date of birth, email address, etc)
Step five: DENIED

I have emailed, messaged on facebook, tweeted. Please fix this.
I will NOT have my credit impacted because you guys can’t figure out your own app!

@Oisin are you aware of any issues with logging on?

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Very frustrating but I’m not sure how not getting into the app would impact your credit score in any way.

Maybe if they haven’t got the details to pay their bill

Fair enough but could just ask one of us for the sort code and account number. If they don’t know their personal reference it’s not a problem the payment still goes through but just takes a bit longer.

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I don’t know how much I owe :persevere: so annoying.

Hi @Agken Yes I did have that though after saying about the bank details, Must be really frustrating for you. Do you not know roughly how much the bill is and just pay a bit more to make sure you cover it?

Not that you should have to but just trying to think of a solution for now as I’m guessing you won’t hear back from support over the holiday weekend.

The other option would be to wait it out until we get a reply from staff on here or you hear back from support. The bill isn’t due until the 7th and @dudesuper1982 has already flagged @Oisin who is usually really good at sorting these things out.

Again we might not hear back over the holiday weekend but should certainly hear back before the bill payment date.

I’ve not tried reinstalling the app myself so apologies I can’t be any more help with that part of it.

Thank you Billy, that’s very helpful. I only got the card to boost my credit as I’m looking to buy a house in the next year and I’m a US citizen living in the UK, so my credit history hasn’t followed me.
So the thought of this turning out to damage my score is just ridiculous!
I don’t like the thought of overpaying, but I will give that a go if I don’t hear back in time.

I hope this forum is good as you say, I have been really disappointed so far - enough to switch providers if it were that easy.

Thank you again!

No problem @Agken support staff will be around during the week so I’m sure it will get sorted out before the bill date.

Are you sure you are selecting the correct option to login? I’ve seen old posts saying it’s just phone number and PIN to login after reinstalling, however the posts were saying about that option not being secure enough for some customers liking so it may have changed since.

Maybe if anyone else has reinstalled lately they could advise better.

Yeah on reinstall I think it’s meant to just let you login, but something in the app has glitched because it goes to a different screen. Would be good to know if anyone else with this problem is able to reinstall and get right in

I’ve reinstalled probably 20 times by now just to test again and again if the glitch is fixed
Even had my husband download it, in case it was my phone

Still wouldn’t work

Yes that’s strange, I was going to suggest a force close, clear cache and try again but if you have already tried on a different device I doubt that would work.

Are you on iOS or Android just in case anyone else is having a similar issue.

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Certainly for iOS it’s just enter phone number & PIN. Have you checked in the Tymit Credit agreement document you should have received for the payment details? Mine were back in July 2020 so have the old ones and predate the instant bill payment option with unique reference code. Does anyone know if the newer post-Transact card documents have the correct sort code, account number and include the unique user reference code for payment?

I have an up to date credit agreement but it just says

(account number and sort code can be
found in the Tymit app by tapping on “Pay bill” from
the home screen).

I know from a post the other day that payment can still be made without your reference code it just takes longer to match and won’t show up instantly.

The other issue is not being sure how much the bill is exactly. I suggested paying slightly more to make sure it’s covered and any excess will just come off next month’s bill.

I’m guessing support will sort it before it comes to that though.

Very helpful information! :laughing:

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Hey it’s an Android Huawei

I don’t even have my sort code and account number to make the payment as it’s my first payment (only got the card last month)

No problem, We all pay in using the same sort code and account number so can get they details to you should you need them.