Lost refund and failing to credit payments made

There are two things here. Firstly I had a refund issued to my card in December. This was at the same time Tymit decided to issue new cards, so they cannot locate my refund because it was sent to the previous card. I have provided so much evidence regarding the refund and the simply have stopped communicating about it. When I ask for an update I get fobbed off with ‘we’re looking in to it’.

Secondly, I sent my repayment on the 1st. It still has not been credited. Absolutely no response about this at all. It’s debited from my bank account, all the details were correct. Nothing from (anti-)customer services. So now it’s going to show as a late payment on my account, which no doubt Tymit will brush off.

Absolutely would not recommend this card to anyone.

Tymit will be able to resolve the credit file if it is reported as a missed payment, but they don’t submit until after the first week of the month so there is still time for them to look into this hopefully.

When I make a payment it seems to show up under the previous month, so it always initially looks like it’s not been received until I open last months transactions.

hi @starfang ,

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. I know you’ve been in contact with our customer services team about this over the past few days, so I didn’t want to overstep and comment while that was ongoing.

We apologise for the hold up in getting these two issues fixed and totally understand how frustrating it must have been.

On the problem you encoutered with your refund, you’re exactly right: it had to with our move to a new card issuer. You can find some context on why we had to change issuer in the post below

I know that sorting your refund out wasn’t a straightforward task, especially as it had been sent to a card issued by a company that had become defunct. Still, the delay was unacceptable and the team apologises for that.

On the payment side, I understand we have some of our tech team investigating what went wrong, and that you’ve kindly agreed to join our group of direct debit testers.

Thanks for your patience in bearing with us during this.

I’ll let the customer services team follow up with you in more detail, but please do feel free to keep us updated on your experience of Tymit here too.

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