Make Payment via the App

While I’m loving the direction the App is going in, is there any plans to bring the ‘Make a Payment’ directly to the App?

At the moment, the only way to do this is use the sort code and Account number through my existing Online Banking.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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I would second this, making a payment is currently a bit of a pain. Paying by Apple Pay would be good and have much less friction


Payments will be able to be made via Direct Debit - this is a feature that will be coming soon!

Any idea when? This is such a basic feature I assumed they would have it when I signed up, otherwise it is worse than useless as requires a manual payment each month - who remembers to do this in the world of digital first banking?

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How soon is soon - it’s nearly June!

I don’t know - I do know it’s on the roadmap.

Tymit is new so we have to give them time and be patience.

Is there a ‘roadmap’?

Yes, but Tymit hasn’t released it to the public.

Hi Everyone,

We have listened to your feedback and understand the desire to have more visibility on our product roadmap.

As you can appreciate with any new product, our priorities are constantly changing based on usability learnings and the feedback you provide through the community. With this in mind, from next month we will begin sharing monthly updates on our most immediate priorities and some of the longer term projects that are in development.

We hope this will give you some more visibility on where the product is headed and reassurance that your feedback is being listened to and acted up on :+1:t2:


Apple Pay is a must - I would use Tymit even more if