Making an ad-hoc payment towards a specific payment plan

Hello All,

Hope you can help. I understand you can have multiple payment plans for different purchases. Is it possible to pay towards one particular payment plan?

I only have one at the moment, but I was curious how I would make an ad-hoc payment towards one without affecting another one?


Hi Lisa,

I don’t believe you can allocate a payment to a specific purchase, You just set the payment length for each purchase to alter your bill amount for the month.

You can select pay in full or reduce the payment length of a purchase to pay more towards it in that month but not directly allocate funds towards a specific item.

I didn’t think you could, but you never know unless you ask. Thanks.

No problem, and yes it would be a handy feature and add even more flexibility to payments. Who knows what’s in the pipeline though.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the question, its not the first time we’ve been asked that. I’ll talk to the team to take a look.

Billy is right, it is currently not supported but you can get around it by setting it to “pay in full” on next bill.

Given that we offer a credit line, the FCA is very prescriptive about how payments should be allocated to a bill that drew from that line (eg those purchases with the highest interest have to be settled first when we apply a payment). But there are compliant ways of getting around it. We’ll take a look!



That sounds great. Thanks for reading and replying. Much appreciated.