Malformed UI (Stretched Tymit Logo) on PIN pad changing payment plan


  • When confirming identity with the in-app PIN pad (or FaceID) whilst changing payment plan, UI shows malformed with a stretched Tymit logo.


Device/OS: Apple iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.4.1

I’m on the latest Tymit app from the App Store, can’t find a version number of the app.

  • Select a payment
  • Change the payment plan
  • In-app PIN pad opens, looking like screenshot

This also applies going through the new payment ‘choose a payment plan’ flow.



They are aware of this problem so will hopefully be fixed soon

Just FYI, it’s subtle now since they changed it in iOS 14 but the version number is displayed under the rating in iOS now, as per below.

Good spot.This was a bug that appeared after the Direct Debit Update. Team are aware of it. Will be sorted soon :slight_smile:

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