Manual payment not showing

I made a manual payment to my account on 29/08 but so far it has not shown up.
I have checked the payment details, and it was sent to the right account with the correct ref. number.
Could anyone shed any light on why this would happen?
I have sent Tymit a message regarding this, but obviously it won’t be read until after the weekend.

Hi @IvanDP, can you confirm if you are on regular Tymit or Booster? I’m on regular Tymit, and have standing order that pays my bill each month and it doesn’t show on my bill until I update the App. I don’t bother as my available credit always updates so I know the payment has gone through.
You can check to see if your available credit has updated.

Same thing has happened to me. I’ve tried emailing bit have had no response as yet. I paid mine on 2/9 well in time for the 7th cut off.

Regular Tymit.
I wanted to pay the bill off in full early so made a manual payment before the D/D cut off date.
Today, the D/D has still been taken, and the manual payment is still not showing.
Yet the app has not updated with the available credit.
@TheElk I to have emailed, and sent an in app message but as yet have had no reply.

Hopefully will be sorted soon

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Still waiting for a reply from Tymit regarding the manual payment.
With that and today’s D/D I should now be around £150 in credit, but still not showing in app.

I had the same thing too, where I paid manually. I did forget to put the reference code in so wondering if that’s why mine still says outstanding? I’ve been trying to contact them since 1 Sept and haven’t had much luck.

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I’ve checked and I did put the correct reference in.
Been almost 2 weeks now, but no contact from Tymit.

The manual payment is now showing :slightly_smiling_face: although I have still not had a reply to my support ticket lol
At least it’s sorted though.

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Glad it’s all sorted for you Ivan.

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I have made 3 manual payments. One the end of last month and two so far this month. I’ve not had any issues with payments not showing up.


I was just a bit concerned as up until today it hadn’t shown.
But it is now.
Maybe just a bit of a hiccup.

Still strange. I would still keep us updated if this continues. Maybe a bug?

Not usually a problem as I pay by direct debit, but just needed to tidy up all my finances this month ready for an upcoming important event.
Hopefully won’t have to worry in the future.

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